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immaturity under the guise of a onsie suit

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cabaret night&#8230; siberian theme&#8230; goodbye party

cabaret night… siberian theme… goodbye party

My current, but temporary home-space is at a collective in Syracuse (intentional community I suppose) of even more fairy-like spirits where the food is flipping amazing, the art and music is rolling, and the love for life is flowin’. This room is actually a dry storage/gas box closet with a lot of history of folks living in it temporarily. It’s soundproof, but with great lower level porch acoustics for listening to friends jam out. The room is surrounded in wood and makes me feel like I live in a cabin. I’m going to miss it when I move out in a few weeks.

I’m starting to really appreciate the spaces I call home, and decided to collect some pictures of my room and home from last year…. where I met some of the most wonderful people in Syracuse and could feel safe with my kitties. The warmest room in the house, the ‘vagina’ room (what was so endearingly scrawled on my closet wall with pencil).

that moment when you remember you forgot to ask your friend where one of your precious borrowed belongings went to, and by the time you remember your friend is already long gone so now only the dust particles know

impulse buy…. CoCoRosie at Webster Hall, an opener to their collab gallery show at the Hole 

And you tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more. Tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake… You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that. And if he wants to leave, then let him leave. You are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love.
—Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love  (via facesinthedark)

took me two hours and two drinks later to finally fit my bike into a box that the bougy bike store here sold to me for 10 bucks…. this box is too damn SMALL

I just peed&#8230;. peeeeeed from the amount of tears and laughs occuring

I just peed…. peeeeeed from the amount of tears and laughs occuring

oh so now I know why that playlist works the way it does..yaa

CL roommate matching is such a tease… it’s either:

1)Your house sounds flippin amazing, you have a hedge maze??? wtf and you’re a landscaper/part time gong meditation instructor/you love cats/have a giant ass country cottage that’s well kept???…. oh wait, but you’re a 40 yr old male renting out the basement in your foreclosing home 50 minutes away from the city I actually posted for

OR 2)You don’t have an apartment yet/might be willing to ditch out last minute to go live in some college friend of a friends’ attic instead/early 20s girl with multiple lifestyles colliding all at once in this tummultuous time in your life… BUT you are honest, down to earth, love jazz, have a million succulent plants in cute little hand painted pots and love cats, you also want to live near the food co-op in the city I posted for…perfect~


Giant leaf insects(phyllium giganteum)
Photo credit: Mark Dantan


Giant leaf insects(phyllium giganteum)

Photo credit: Mark Dantan

drinking apple cider vinegar is kind of how people react to eating coconut oil, they’re all components of plant proteins and shouldn’t really be that abnormal whether you’re using it to pickle things, wash clothes, grease up your body/hair…whatever

chugging apple cider vinegar with honey is NORMAL, I don’t understand why people have never had this refreshing beverage before…. feh!